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How Water jet Cutting Works | Advantages benefits waterjet cutting

Here at EWL water jet we are capable of cutting virtually any shape, in any material group including steel and even bullet proof glass. Water jet cutting  is currently one of the fastest growing engineering techniques in the world as manufacturers and designers realise the benefits and diversity that waterjet cutting offers.

But how can water cut through anything?

Simply: Pressurise standard normal house water from 3 Bar (50psi) to 3600 Bar (52,000psi), then force through a very small hole at faster than the speed of sound – a cutting jet is created that will cut through virtually anything.

At EWL WaterJet we operate two water cutting systems, “Pure Water” and “Abrasive”.

Abrasive – Garnet (very fine sand) is added to the pressurised water creating a Jet 1mm Diameter, abrasive water jet is used for metals, plastics & stones.

Pure Water – No garnet is added to the water resulting in a very fine pressurised jet of water just 0.1mm diameter, pure water is used on soft materials such as rubber, foam, and carpets.

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