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Fabrication and Welding Services from EWL WaterJet Northwich

One company, one contact – complete part production.

Let us complete your Jigsaw

Water jet cut profiles are usually just one piece of a bigger jigsaw, often the profiles need secondary processes such as machining, forming, surface finishing, welding together or even heat treating – many water jet cutting companies only offer water jet cutting, EWL can complete your jigsaw by offering complete part production.

Sourcing other sub contractors to finish your water jet cut parts can be time consuming and costly depending on how many different contractors and processes there are, it can also be very frustrating scheduling and dealing with many different contacts!

Use EWL as your sole subcontractor, with our fabrication facilities and the ability to machine and surface finish your parts EWL can offer you complete part production and general fabrications.

What we can offer?

  • Water jet cutting.
  • Press brake bending.
  • Guillotining.
  • Sawing.
  • Rolling.
  • Mig, Tig, Arc Welding.
  • Coded pipe Welding.
  • Metal polishing.
  • Anodising.
  • Powder coating.
  • Zinc plating.
  • Finish Machining (Milling, Turning, Tapping & Drilling)
  • Heat treatment
  • Vibratory Finishing / Deburring (Tumblers)

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