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EWL WaterJet Case Study: Water Jet Cutting Stainless Steel Formed Combed Filter Plates

Water Jet Cutting Stainless Steel Formed Combed Filter Plates

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Product: Stainless steel sewage filter screen.
Material: 20mm 316 Stainless steel.

Abrasive water jet has the ability to cut any material and thickness, in this instance water jet cutting was used to cut 20mm 316 stainless steel to a tolerance of + / - 0.15mm.Stainless steel abrasive water jet cut filter

Our customer supplied stainless steel preformed blank plates, thanks to our integrated cutting head height sensors we we’re able to follow the material profile and keep cutting quality consistently excellent.

Prior to water jet cutting the product was manufactured using two different machining processes to complete the work to machine 40 fingers & six slotted holes.

Water jet vs Machining
  • The machining was time extensive and high cost.
  • The machining created process induced stresses, making the fingers brittle and became susceptible to snapping / fracturing.Abrasive water jet cut stainless steel comb
  • Increased costs for setting up two processes to mill the slotted holes and combed fingers.
  • Inflexibility -undesirable sharp 90 degree edges of the fingers.
Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting completed both the combed fingers and slots in one process.

Abrasive water jet cutting is a cold cutting, stress free process, the material structure does not changed and the fingers should be less susceptible to breakage.

With the ability to cut any shape we were able to integrate small radiuses on each finger removing the undesirable sharp 90 degree edge created by the machining process.

Benefits of water jet cutting Stainless steel.
  • Any shape, any thickness up to 200mm.
  • Cold cutting - No distortion or warping.
  • Clean burr free edges.
  • Eliminates secondary processes.
  • Small jet (kerf) means less material wastage.
  • Flexibility.

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