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EWL WaterJet Case Study: Water Jet Cutting Aluminium 6082T6.

Water Jet Cutting Aluminium 6082T6.

Water jet cutting Aluminium

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Abrasive water jet cut aluminium 6082T6

Product: Blanks for motor car parts.
Material: 50mm Aluminium 6082T6.

Abrasive waterjet is an excellent choice for cutting Aluminium up to 240mm thick, cutting to high tolerances with clean and often burr free cut edges.

Water jet cut motor sport parts

Having previously had 50mm thick Aluminium 6082T6 parts machined with traditional machining methods our customer came to us looking to reduce their costs. The solution was for EWL to water jet cut the outside blanks and to finish the part with traditional  machining methods.

You can see from the pictures the excellent jet cut finish, and the pre production cutting program demonstrates how each part is nested closely together keeping the amount of raw material required to a minimum.water jet cutting aluminium 6082t6

Water jet cutting Aluminium

By using water jet to cut the outer profiles the parts were nested together on one raw material plate, keeping material wastage to a minimum and costs down, traditional machining required one square blank plate per part with the customer using more material for the same amount of parts.

The time to cut the outside profile with abrasive water jet is quicker than machining, to remove the required material with traditional methods was time intensive and costly.

Supplements traditional machining

Despite competing with traditional milling and drilling techniques, water jet does compliment these methods well and by combining water jet with traditional machining there can be substantial cost savings available.

Sharp corner, burr free, smooth cut - Water jet cut 50mm AluminiumBy cutting blanks ready for machining, it’s possible to make substantial savings in production time costs and material wastage (instead of your waste material being on your floor as swarf its now in your off cut rack ready to be used for another job).

CNC nesting of parts and a small cutting jet (kerf) saves further material costs.

Quality cutting costs less

Not every customer requires an excellent finish, with different quality cuts available your part can be made to suit your tolerance requirements and your budget.

Benefits of waterjet cutting Aluminium.
  • Virtually any shape, any thickness up to 240mm.
  • Cold cutting – No HAZ, No distortion or warping.
  • Clean burr & slag free edges.
  • Eliminates secondary processes.
  • Small jet (kerf) means less material wastage.
  • Flexibility.

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